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Each merchant represented in this program must be a WEBA member. Member cards used to redeem WEBAshop offers will be available to any person over the age of 18 years.  Each merchant must contract from current date until January 4, 2013. After that time each contract must be renewed and is valid for one year. Each merchant must supply a constant discount that will be displayed and advertised on the AlexandriaWEBA.com website under the WEBAshop program.Offers may also be displayed on WEBA’s other marketing materials. “Seasonal Specials” will be offered four times per year and each merchant is encouraged to offer a different discount for each time of year (Nov/Dec, Valentine’s, Easter, & Summer Fun). Merchants may change their discount at any time so long as some discount is offered at all times. Information on each merchant and discount offer must be reviewed by the WEBA webmaster and the WEBAshop program director before any listing may be added to web site.




To enroll in the WEBAmerchant
program for WEBAshop, please go to your member profile and click on edit profile.  Add the text for your regular offer and/or for your season offer and click to activate the "Terms of Use."  OR click here to dowload, fill out, print and fax to 703.751.3771.

This will complete your enrollment.

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