CANDIDATE NAME: Glenda B. Davis                   Party: Independent/Other



Re West End

Re Eisenhower Valley

1.    Modes of transportation: Which modes of  public transportation and ease-of-use  solutions for private transportation do you  support which will encourage local residents and visitors to increase their purchases from businesses in –

The high capacity transits corridors currently under review by the City would provide ease–of-use for   west end residents and others traveling to or shopping in the area.  One  major complaint citizens of Alexandria have is the traffic congestion when trying to get from one part of the city to the other.  This method of transportation would also be time efficient.

The roadway improvement project along Eisenhower Avenue between Mill Road and Holland Lane would enhance the flow of traffic and provide ease-of-use for the Eisenhower valley.  I encourage all citizens to attend the public hearings and express your issues and concerns.

a.    By when?



2.    Attracting new businesses: Which  mechanisms do you support which will attract new businesses to and encourage them to locate in -

The ease of access to the west end area will facilitate an open passage from other parts of Alexandria.  As a result, more residents will utilize the transits and where there are people, new business will be generated.

Eisenhower Valley has the convenience of the Metro which will provide an even more attraction in conjunction with my West End comments.

a.    By when?


3.    Master Plan: What timeframe do you support for the completion of a submarket Master Plan for -

Taking into consideration of the many alterations that will occur before the completion of the submarket Master Plan, a five year projection would be feasible.

There are many factors that will have a profound effect on this completion date.  I support a as soon as fesible date that can be implemented

as soon as feasable

4.    Small Area Plans:  What initiatives and  timeframes do you support for the completion of development for the:

a.    Beauregard Small Area Development Plan.

A crucial initiative is  the involvement of the citizens in the policy making process. 


b.    Landmark Shopping Mall

Negotiating with property owners is a major factor in this development.  Once an agreeable decision has been made, I would like to see completion within three years.


c.    Eisenhower West End Development Plan: What is your commitment to maintaining the schedule of the City’s Eisenhower West End Development Plan and, specifically, economic development in the Eisenhower Valley?


My commitment to maintaining the schedule and my commitment to the Eisenhower West End Development is paramount and I will do all I can to keep council on task.

5.    Help for existing businesses: Which specific measures will you promote which will increase the growth, customer base, revenue, and expense minimization of  businesses currently located in –

Getting the citizens and visitors in and out with ease, people generate business.  More advertisement and promotional deals.  Improved transportation and traffic calming projects currently under city council review.

Eisenhower Valley has the convenience of the Metro which will provide an even more attraction in conjunction with my West End comments.

a.    By when?

6.    Developer Taxes: Will you encourage that taxes which are raised from developers be spent on (1) matters pertaining specifically to the developer’s project or (2) City-wide infrastructure services?

I would support the taxes raised from developers to be spent on city-wide infrastructure services.

7.    National Science Foundation: How do you plan to encourage the NSF’s coming to Eisenhower Valley and selecting one of the three sites it is considering there?

As everyone’s concern in the City, traffic and ease of entrance into the City is of monument importance.  Emphasis should be on the efforts being made by the City to address and resolve this concern.  Location of the Metro subway at Victory Center is a plus. 

Same answer as for Eisenhower Valley.

8.    Victory Center: What are the tangible solutions you will implement to promote Victory Center for immediate tenancy and development?

Council will have to stay on task with negotiations.   Encourage occasional site visits for council members.  I will be active on committees and task forces. I will act upon the issues and concerns of the citizens.

Same answer as for Eisenhower Valley.

a.    By what date do you expect first tenant to assume occupancy in Victory Center because of those solutions?

First occupancy should be in 2015.

Same answer as for Eisenhower Valley.

9.    Campaign Signs: What is your plan to remove all of your political campaign signs following the election?

I have a campaign member who is solely responsible for removing all of my campaign signs.

a.    By when?

5 to 8 days after election

10. In 30 words or fewer, why should Alexandria business-owner voters vote for you?

Alexandria business-owners voters should vote for me because my grass roots concerns are those of the community.  Business’ are a vital part in strengthen communities.  As a council member, I will support growth and improvements of Alexandria based businesses.

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