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Softball Game: West End Business Association vs. Del Ray Business Association

  • October 18, 2014
  • 1:00 PM
  • Four Mile Run Field in Arlandria, Corner of Mt. Vernon Ave and South Glebe Rd.--parking lot on the north end of the park


  • Use this registration to sign up as a player!
  • Please come out to root on our team and have fun!

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COED Softball Game: 
WEBA vs. Del Ray
Business Associations Challenge!
Saturday October 18th, 2014
Four Mile Run Field in Arlandria, Corner of Mt. Vernon Ave & S. Glebe Rd. Parking lot on the north end of the park.

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The purpose is just to have a fun time with our business organization colleagues.

Since this will be just a casual game, there is no need for strong softball skills to play (knowing which end of the bat to hold would be helpful!). 

 Requirements include knowing how to find the field, be there, and minor trash talking skills. Chewin’ and spittin’ are optional!


We need you! As a player or to come out and cheer us on! We want a full loud boisterous crowd! Please join our team!

Refreshments available! We will also be meeting up at a nearby restaurant after the game.

Contact Nancy Benjamin at BrahmOpticians@aol.com for more details.
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